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Mr Lee's Noodles Company presents

'gourmet noodles in a cup' taking

authentic oriental flavours and giving them

a modern twist using the finest ingredients

to lock in all those nutritional values. There

are currently six rice noodle flavours in

their range with more scheduled to launch

through 2017. All noodles are certified

as gluten-free by Coeliac UK and low in

added sugar by Sugarwise. These are one

of the lowest instant noodles in terms of

salt, sugars, fats (saturated) and calories

with no artificial colouring, flavouring,

preservatives, or additives. The noodles

are available to buy online, from various

stockists and through their innovative Mr

Lee's 'Noodle Kiosks' which serve hot

ready meals 24/7. Cashless, these kiosks

can be found in hotels, holiday parks,

Bristol-based premium pork specialist,

The Jolly Hog, was set up eight years ago

by Olly Kohn (a former professional rugby

player for Harlequins and Wales), Max (a

ship broker) and Josh (who was working

with their dad as a cabinet maker). They

began hand making sausages and selling

Jolly Hog baps from Harlequins car park

on match days but have recently launched

a restaurant - Pigsty.

The Kohn brothers products are now

on supermarket shelves and online at

Ocado, but now Jolly Hoggers everywhere

can have a porky fix any day of the week

as their sausages are available in 200+

Sainsbury's stores. Made with outdoor

bred, RSPCA Assured British pork, the

sausages are also gluten free.

hospitals and other workplaces. The

pots average 50g of carbs each. Flavours

include Hong Kong Street Beef, Dragon

Fire Mushroom and Penang Chicken

Curry Laksa.

Seasonal Norwegian Skrei is caught

straight from the cold, clear waters of

Northern Norway, and is only available

from February to April from fishmongers

and fish counters across Whole Foods

Market, Booths, Harrods and Selfridges.

Skrei (pronounced Skray) is a migratory

cod from Norway, caught in its prime

and in perfect condition after an arduous

1,000km swim from the Barents Sea to

Northern Norway and has been fished

there for at least 1,000 years. Thanks to

its rather epic migration, Skrei is lean and

rich in protein, vitamins and minerals and

can be eaten both raw and cooked. Since

its introduction to the UK in 2012, Skrei

has been hailed by its ambassador Michel

Roux Jr, who has ventured out of his

kitchen to Norway to catch and eat Skrei

right at its source and who comments,

"As a chef, I am always looking for

exceptional ingredients, Skrei cod is one

of those that never lets me down. The

texture, taste and assured quality is what

makes Skrei one of the finest products to

cook with." We covered skrei in a previous

issue, which you can see HERE.


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