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A weight loss drug has reduced the risk

of Type 2 diabetes by 80% compared to

placebo, according to a trial on at-risk

patients from Imperial College London.

The drug, liraglutide (more widely

known as Novo Nordisk's brandname

Victoza) increases the amount of appetitesupressing

hormones produced by

the gut and was tested on overweight

people with 'prediabetes' (also known as

'borderline diabetes') characterised by

slightly increased blood sugar levels. The

condition often leads to Type 2 diabetes if

left untreated.

Prediabetes affects one in ten people

in the UK, and progresses into diabetes

in 5-10% of patients within ten years.

Prediabetes can be cured with exercise

and a healthier diet, but once it progresses

into diabetes, it is significantly harder to


Obesity expert Professor Carel le

Roux from Imperial College London, and

colleagues, have found that a drug already

used for obesity and diabetes can help to

prevent progression into diabetes when

combined with diet and exercise, and

could even cure patients of prediabetes


The study, funded by NovoNordisk,

was published in The Lancet in February.

The researchers recruited 2,254 obese

adults with prediabetes at 191 research

sites in 27 countries worldwide. After

splitting participants into two groups,

they studied whether adding daily selfadministered

injections of liraglutide

to diet and exercise helped to prevent

progression into diabetes, compared to

diet and exercise alone.

Breaking results

After three years, the researchers found

that the patients given liraglutide were

80% less likely to develop diabetes than

those in the placebo group. In 60% of

those patients, prediabetes was reversed

and patients returned to healthy blood

sugar levels.

Professor le Roux comments, "These

groundbreaking results could pave the

way for a widely used, effective, and

safe drug to reverse prediabetes and

prevent diabetes in 80 per cent of at-risk

people. This would improve the health

of the population and save millions on

healthcare spending."

Le Roux added that the drug seems to

work by mimicking the action of naturallyproduced

hormone that supresses

appetite, called GLP-1. This compound

is released in response to food, and

interacts with the brain's hypothalamus to

suppress appetite. Previous studies have

found that many obese people produce

less of this hormone, which may lead to

them over-eating. Liraglutide mimics the

effects of GLP-1, essentially doing the

hormone's job to regulate appetite.

Dr Emily Burns, Research

Communications Manager at Diabetes

UK, commented on the research saying,

"Liraglutide is a medication already used

to help manage Type 2 diabetes, so using

it for prevention is an interesting prospect.

It's encouraging the drug reduced the risk

of Type 2 when used alongside exercise

and fewer calories. However, around half

the people involved didn't finish the study,

so certain assumptions had to be made

meaning the results need to be interpreted

carefully. We also don't yet know exactly

how the drug reduces the risk of Type 2

diabetes, but we do know that people

can reduce their risk with exercise and a

healthy balanced diet."

Liraglutide is already being used to

manage weight and diabetes, but it is

expensive and not yet widely available

in the UK. However, future studies could

help develop a test for GLP-1 deficiency,

to ensure the drug is given only to those

who would benefit. Alternatively, patients

could undergo a 12-week trial where the

drug is stopped if there is no improvement

within that time.




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