Making Carbs Count Grains as Mains cookbook


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Rinse quinoa before

cooking, to remove the

bitter coating. Boil for

10-15 minutes. The

cooked grains quadruple

in size and become

translucent. Millet can

be cooked similarly, but

does not need rinsing.


Rinse sorghum before

cooking, then cook in a

ratio of one part grain to

three parts water or stock.

Bring to the boil in a pan

with a tight-fitting lid,

then simmer for up to an

hour, until tender.


Cooking teff depends on how

it is being served. It can be

cooked in boiling water or

sprinkled over soups, salads,

or baked goods, adding

flavour and texture. It is

also eaten as a cereal.


Cook wheat berries in a 1:2 ratio

of grain to water. Add the grains

to boiling water in a pan, cover,

and simmer for about 60 minutes,

until the grains are soft. Soaking

wheat berries overnight can help

to reduce the cooking time.


flour is perfect for gluten-free

cooking and baking, and can

be used in cake, biscuit, bread,

and pastry recipes.


These flours and flakes contain the whole grain. Stored

carefully and covered, they will keep for 3 months in a cool,

dry place out of direct sunlight. Gluten-free flours produce

crumblier baked goods, so it helps to add extra liquid.


and ideal for making pancakes,

scones, and biscuits, this flour

can be added to other flours

for bread making.

QUINOA FLAKES Made by flattening

unprocessed, raw quinoa seeds,

these are high in protein,

gluten-free and can be used

for muesli or porridge.

TEFF FLOUR A 100 per cent

whole flour, it is creamy brown

in colour with a unique sweet

and malty flavour and is ideal

for baking.

KAMUT FLOUR This wheat flour

has a smooth, buttery, and nutty

flavour. It can be substituted in

any recipe that uses regular

wheat flour.


gluten-free, they are often

used in muesli or porridge,

or in crumbles and cookies

for added texture.

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