My Diabetes Kit Jerry Gore mountaineer


continued over

then called me back on Wednesday with

the diagnosis.

What is a typical day like?

Every day is different. I run two businesses.

The first is AlpBase in the southern French

Alps which I run with my wife, renting

chalets and apartments and I also run an

another company, the AlpBase Academy,

which offers climbing courses for young

people with top instructors. The aim is to

be able to offer courses to all schools in

order to help get young people outdoors

more and beat the digital age. By doing

so we can help prevent Type 2 diabetes,

which is on the rise at least to some

extent due to people not doing enough

exercise. I'm also Blue Circle champion

for the International Diabetes Federation

and I do motivational talks at schools

when I always say, 'Move. Move away

from the screen!'. I travel a lot and all I see

is screen use. There's also far too much

sugar available and being consumed

everywhere. It is amazing how available

it is. Sometimes I'm out being an elite

expedition leader too. So no two days are

the same.

How does he manage his diabetes?

I'm on a pen and not a pump. I tried a

pump for a couple of years but kept having

problems. My HbA1c is at 6.8mmol. It is

not the best, but is pretty damn good

bearing in mind what I do and the fact that

I manage it with insulin pens and blood

testing. I blood test 5-6 times a day. I get

some sponsorship from a company called

LifeSystems for my climbing and they

designed a special bag for me. It means

I can test wherever I am, even hanging

in a harness from the side of a mountain.

I keep it around my neck with my blood

testing kit in it. My insulin pens are kept

separately in insulated pouches, which

I carry inside my jacket so the insulin

doesn't freeze as I am often in very cold

places. Whoever I'm climbing with -- and

I always climb with someone -- they have

backup kit in case I drop anything.

What specific kit does he use?

I use a fairly old Bayer Contour XT blood

test machine. It's robust, the battery lasts

forever, and it does not go wrong -- it even

works in the cold. However, I use AccuChek Softclix lancing device. It's


strong, small. It's also a bit old but it works

for me. Diabetes is complex, you can't get

away from that, but I keep my approach

to it simple -- I learned KISS (keep it

simple stupid) in the marines. I also use

two insulins, a fast-acting Humalog from

Lilly for which I use their Humapen and a

prefilled Novo Nordisk Levemir pen. I've

also used the Libre sensors and find them

very helpful as additional backup. I took

one up to 6400m but if you check the

small print it says it's only been tested up

to 3000m.

What about hypos?

I have a Diabeteze carrycase that I use

every day. It not only contains my meter

but my money, passport and I carry a

French brand of energy gel in case of

hypos. I also carry basic supermarket


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