Jerry Gore, action4diabetics



A charity providing education and support for T1Ds in Asia.

Speaking about starting up

the charity Action4Diabetics

(A4D) one of the founders,

Jerry Gore, explains, "While

training for the marines, I

met Charles Toomey and we did various

operations together, then we left the

Marines and went into business. I went

into outdoor activities and he ended

up working within the pharmaceutical

industry in Asia. We reconnected around

2010. By that stage, I'd had Type I

diabetes for nearly a decade, having

been diagnosed in 2001. For a while I was

working with an organisation called Insulin

for Life, a global organization helping get

medication to people with diabetes.

"Charlie saw what I was up to and,

although not a diabetic himself, he had

worked with the insulin producer Lilly in Asia,

so he had a very good understanding of the

condition and particularly how vital insulin is.

We met up again, actually in Bangkok, and

we talked about how badly handled insulin

distribution was in Asia and in emerging

nations like Thailand. We decided to set up

our own charity to help improve matters and

that was the start of A4D.

"Having started in Myanmar (Burma),

where we thought the need was greatest,

we are now looking to get involved in

countries like Laos and Nepal, countries

that lack the resources to care for children

with diabetes properly. It's a very rare

condition out there but intense in its

needs. We focus on children with Type I

diabetes up to the age of 25 years. We

get them on insulin programmes, give

them educational support then help

them to get their first job. It's important

that they can work with companies that

can accommodate having a diabetic

on staff who will not be fired for having

a hypo at work. Every penny raised

goes direct to the kids. I pay for my own

flights and accommodation. We monitor

absolutely everything you can't get

good sponsorship without credibility and


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