Diabetes kit diabetes management equipment




Originally Vince Cope

trained at a teacher,

specialising in sports,

and then joined Police

Service in December

1996. Diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes

in 2009, Cope subsequently completed

Snowdonia Marathon in October 2014.

Working in front-line policing, Cope

was the first police officer in his force to

be able to go to work wearing an insulin

pump. The pump, an Accu-Chek Combo,

had to be assessed for its suitability and

safety both for himself and for others in

his role with the police. Having passed the

evaluation, he has worn his insulin pump

on the job ever since.

He says, "It has been much easier

to handle my diabetes at work using my

pump rather than having to take multiple

daily injections. It's a lot less hassle when

you're in uniform. The remote on the

Accu-Chek Combo means I can jut take

it out of my pocket and deliver the dose.

No one needs to know. There are no

needles and having to stop to find a site to

inject into. It's given me more confidence

to work out of the office and on the front

line - I don't even have to remember to

have an insulin pen with me and I can

control the basal easily if things don't go

to plan and I am out for more time than I


It's a lot less fuss for the people who

work with him too. "It's been easier for

my colleagues to understand," he says,

"and they are genuinely interested in the


It was when he was on a trial for the

new Accu-Chek Insight pump that Vince

undertook the Snowdonia Marathon -

a 26.2-mile race that includes running

across three mountains in the scenic

National Park in north Wales. He looks

back on this adventure and says, "This

is an endurance sport for which I had to

undergo rigorous training, including high

impact training (HIT) and long-distance

running. I particularly enjoyed the easy

navigation of the Accu-Chek Insight insulin

pump, along with the availability of dataon-screen

I felt I had much greater control

of my diabetes without the fear of sudden

hypos. I think that the pump was a crucial

asset in a solo run of this kind."

In addition while training for the

marathon Vince had access to some

Dexcom CGM sensors which he wore in

order to better understand how his body

was reacting to his increased activity. "I

thought they were great - it's even more

information which can be really useful to

see patterns. They had a separate receiver

to the pump, so it was a bit of extra kit

to carry around, but the hospital used to

download the data and we all looked at

the results to figure out what changes we

could make."

As well as continuing with his day job,

and training at the gym regularly, Cope

now helps run an online forum for fellow

police officers who have diabetes, as well

as training other police in skills, such as





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