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Coffee breaks just got more fun with Portlebay Popcorn's latest

creative flavour of gourmet popcorn, Cappuccino. Hand-popped

and manufactured at The Poppery in Devon, this fun and delicious

new variety is the first Cappuccino-flavoured popcorn in the UK.

With its smooth and creamy frothy coffee characteristics, the new Cappuccino flavour

will liven up your beach picnic, packed lunch in the park or coffee date with notes of silky

caramel and a bitter hint of coffee. Portlebay Popcorn donate 25 per cent of all online

sales to their nominated charity CHICKS ( which provides week long

respite breaks for disadvantaged children from across the UK.

With its iconic adverts that reflect the

'love it or hate it' view that Marmite is held

in, this summer the brand is spreading

the love with a limited edition summer

spread. Taking design inspiration from

Woodstock and the 'Summer of Love'

in 1967, Marmite's new limited edition

jars are spreading peace, love and hippy

vibes throughout the summer. This limited

edition variant is a delicately flavoured

adaptation of the much-loved recipe,

made with 100% lager yeast for a slightly

lighter taste. Die-hard Marmite fans

should also keep their eyes peeled for a

collector's edition of 'Summer of Hate'

jars. Only ninety-four jars (one for each

day of the British summertime) have been

created and will be distributed across the

UK for a lucky few to find.

In the 19th century Justus Von

Liebig found that brewer's yeast could

be concentrated and bottled and eaten.

The image on the jar shows a 'marmite',

a French term for a large covered

earthenware or metal cooking pot.

Originally, British Marmite was supplied

in earthenware pots but since the 1920s

it's been sold in the bulbous glass jars

we are familiar with today. And we either

love, or hate it. Will it be your summer of

Marmite love?

Family camping and outdoor manufacturer has taken it

upon themselves to launch a National

Picnic Association. They've gathered

a host of information on their website,

including the best places in the country

to picnic, lots of recipe ideas, along with

themes and suggestions to encourage

the Brits to picnic all year round. OLPRO

has also sourced companies throughout

the UK who create picnics 'to go', plus a

list of organised charity picnic events.

OLPRO MD Daniel Walton says, "Brits

are a timid lot when it comes to outdoor

eating, with most people considering a

picnic or BBQ exclusive to the summer

months. Given that our weather is so

unreliable, we want people to start

picnicking all year round. It's a great way to

get the kids outdoors and away from their

mobiles and laptops, if for no other reason.

We're encouraging people to upload

their own picnic spots and recipes to our

website and we're happy to include listings

for any businesses or charities associated

with picnics."

As well as making the OLPRO website

the one-stop-shop for all things picnicky,

the company is planning a series of

events in 2016 to encourage people to

rethink picnics. This will include National

Picnic At Your Desk Day and Extreme

Picnicking. Steady on!


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