Vanessa Bolosier The Creole Kitchen



Born in Guadeloupe,

Vanessa Bolosier is

half-Guadeloupian and

half-Martiniquan. She

moved to France when

she was 17 to work as a fashion model,

and on moving to London, concentrated

on her true love - food. Vanessa founded

her company, Carib Gourmet in 2011,

specialising in luxury Caribbean food and

confectionery including the award-winning

Coco Gourmand coconut sweets. She

also runs a cookery school and supper


She says, "In my Creole Kitchen you'll

find laughter, ancestral stories, childhood

memories, inherited recipes, tradition and

a blend of culinary brilliance from those I

learned from throughout the years. In my

Creole Kitchen you'll chop fresh herbs,

clean fresh whole fish with splashes of

freshly squeezed lime. You will experience

fresh chillies and will end up smelling

aromas you've never smelled before, but

which trigger an instant sense of comfort."

The food from my Creole Kitchen is

simple, easy to make yet comforting. It

reflects the rustic Amerindians love for

seafood, African customary usage of

tubers and a tradition of slow-cooked

stews. French, Spanish, Portuguese

Dutch and English cooking techniques

and a myriad of spices help to bring the

flavours together.

The Creole Kitchen cookbook by Vanessa Bolosier brings sunshine

flavours from the Caribbean to our tables.



"My Creole Kitchen brings people

together around the one thing that

matters most when you celebrate life on

the islands," says Bolosier, "food."

Creole food is a vivid mosaic. For

instance the flagship dish in both

Guadeloupe and Martinique is the

Colombo curry, a true Creole production

born of the contribution of the Asian

settlers who brought spices, medicinal

plants and culinary secrets to the already

vibrant cultural mix. On the islands you

will find authentic Creole food in various

forms: home cooking, street food, local

restaurants and gastronomic cuisine.

"Being islands, we are big on fish and

very fussy. I had a hard time adapting

to cold sea fish in my first few years in

Europe. Although I now really enjoy

seasonal local fish here, nothing replaces

the colourful fish stalls you find in the ports

of Guadeloupe and Martinique, the fish

often still alive and jumping in the boat.

We rarely fillet fish. We use the whole

fish: poached, stewed, grilled or fried.

Many food-lovers prefer the head of the

fish to the rest of the body, and the head

is where most of the health- promoting

omega-3 fat is."

Creole Kitchen is published by Pavilion

Books £25

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Author Vanessa Bolosier


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