diabetic diet



Lizi's Granola has a new low sugar

variant which contains all the goodness

of the luxury granola but with less than

4% sugar. Lizi's prides itself on creating

healthy breakfast foods that are high in

fibre while leading to slow energy release,

and so avoiding blood sugar 'spikes'. This

has all the oaty, nutty goodness of granola,

but with much less sweetness. Lizi's Low

Sugar Granola retails at £3.89 for 500g

and is available in Asda, Sainsbury's and

Waitrose. There are 45g of carbohydrate

per 100g of which 3.8g are sugars.



Tideford's spring and summer soups

are tasty, nutritious and light and can

be served hot or chilled so are great for

picnics in the park, trips to the beach

and long lazy lunches. Their 'superfood'

recipes include: Beetroot Soup with

Pomegranate; Watercress Soup with

Spirulina; Lemon and Cracked Black

Pepper; Cucumber Soup with Dill and

Kefir and Organic Gazpacho. They are

gluten and wheat free, low in fat, salt and

contain no added sugar. 600g RRP £2.79

from Tesco, Ocado, Whole Foods, Planet

Organic, As Nature Intended, Selfridges

and independents nationwide.



Steenbergs recently held a competition to

find the oldest spice in their customer's

cupboards was both entertaining and

revelatory. Steenbergs began 11 years

ago, but in terms of oldest spices even

the first ones sent out in 2004 would

have been mere babies compared to the

competition winners.

There was no particular spice that was

sitting in everyone's cupboard unloved,

jars and packets filled with everything

from dill seed, coriander, rosemary,

cloves, pickling spice and garam masala:

some of which hadn't even been opened,

although they were over 30 years old. The

overall winner was a jar of Garam Masala

from 1984, although the actual oldest was

the ultimate in store cupboard neglect -

Pickling Spices from 1975, costing 19p!

According to the findings a while host

of people had cupboards full of spices

which they'd bought prior to 'best before'

dates came into being. 'Best before'

dates are just for guidance, as opposed

to the 'use by' dates but spices do lose

their essential oils once they are milled,

so ground spices and blends of these will

lose their smell and flavour much more

quickly than whole spices. Steenbergs

recommends an optimal shelf life of no

more than 2-3 years so that the delicate

flavours don't have time to fade.




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