Desang diabetes kitbags

Passport✔ Sunglasses

✔ Flip flops✔


Blood test strips


Extra syringes

Finger pricker

Glucose tablets

Spare batteries

Spare infusion set

Got everything?

Mustn't forget my diabetic kit…

My Desang Kitbag

Desang diabetes kitbags take the headache out of

remembering all the bits of diabetic kit that you need

to take with you, be it on a daily basis, a weekend break,

business trip or a full on expedition. Just fill it with your

kit and go.

For a full range of kitbags for every occasion, as well as

a directory of diabetes product information (from blood

test meters to insulin pumps and other equipment) go to

Grab it, Pack it, Go.

Classic Roll up Slim }

}See our full range of kitbags online or call 0870 300 2063 for a brochure

Buying your first kit bag?

Benefit from a 15% discount by

quoting promo code mag11 when

ordering online.

Already have a kit bag?

Then you

20% discount on your next purchase.

Just email us at

and ask for the code.



Whe you buy your

first kitbag



For members

Pen Pack

Making living with diabetes easier


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