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Speed and endurance are the

order of the day, as well as

good blood glucose control as

Rebecca Kennedy hits the tracks

to compete in the Mountain Biking World

Cup (p.10).

Sue Marshall


How to hide your pump, and

avoid the potential embarrassment

of 'pump bump', we talk to lingerie designer Katie Isherwood


her pump belt (and pump pants)

designs (p.8).

one of the best bits about running this magazine is

hearing everyone's stories about how they live their

lives with diabetes. This issue happens to include

tales from two ladies, one a downhill cycling champion, the

other a trained lingerie designer who's turned her talents to

creatin insulin pump belts. Read about Rebecca Kennedy on

p.12 and Katie Isherwood on p.10. I hope you enjoy reading

about them too. Then there's an overview of the best blood

test meters on the block on p.8 plus the usual News, Food

News and a special foodie feature on Shelina Permaloo's

cookbook on p. 16 and a look at the dietary value of cheese

in Making Carbs Count on p. 20.

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But business as usual is best for

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With the wealth of local cheeses

around in Britain alone, it's hard

not to indulge a little bit. We

take a look at what's in cheese

to see how much of a good

thing is too much.p.22.



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