Diabetes Kit insulin Pump Belt Katie Isherwood Desang


Being on an insulin pump meant Katie

Isherwood had to combine her day-job as

a lingerie designer with providing stylish

solutions for wearing one.



aving done a degree

in fashion, Design and

Marketing at Central

st.martins in London,

Katie Isherwood

(pictured above right) was well prepared

to start creating her own designs when

she started wearing an insulin pump eight

years ago. At the age of 22, Isherwood

was just getting close to doing her finals

at college when she was diagnosed

and she ended up on a regime of daily

injections. Now 38, she'd left college

and worked designing men's underwear

then moved on to designing women's

underwear. Having applied for a job with

the brand Victoria's Secret, the role took

her to Hong Kong, where she lived for

two years. She's since returned but still

freelances for the company.

"Going on a pump was really helpful

to me when I lived overseas," says

Isherwood, "I had no problems wearning

a pump, a bikini and a sarong! It was

when I was in Hong Kong that I started

to buy jog-belts. I had no problem at all

with people knowing I was on a pump,

but I'd rather my pump did not look like

a bump, so I looked for sensible ways to

wear one that did nto interfere with my

clothing. I've adapted a lot of clothes by

adding pockets and so on, but some sor

tof bag to be worn under clothing just

seemed the best solution."

Isherwood has been on an AccuThe Mulitway Body Band from

Hid-In designed by Katie Isherwood.

Chek Combo insulin pump for the last

eight years, a pump that has a handheld

device, meaning that once the pump was

on, she did not need to access it to make

adjustments to her insulin delivery. The

handheld could stay in her bag while the

pump was hidden away (her company

name, Hid-In is a reference to 'hidden

insulin'). She says, "Once my pump is on

and I"m dressed, I can forget about it. No

one can see it, and no one need know

unless I want them to know."

Hidden assets

The Multiway Body Band (shown above)

is unisex. It's fully adjustable for men,

women and children and can be worn

around the leg, under the ribcage, around

the waist, across the body, or swung

around so it sits in the small of the back,

avoiding the 'pump bump' look at the

front. Isherwood has also designed a

range of ladies' pump pants, which have

a pocked in the front for safe and discreet

storage of a pump, but that does depend

on it being operated from a handset.

Isherwood is working on prototypes for

men -- boxershorts with pump pockets.

"I know that there are other bags

out there that fit pumps in, but many

are aimed at sports people, especially

runners. Many of these have small

pockets that allow the user to carry

just a few items, like a set of keys. The

ones where you have to step into them

can end up being a bit distended by the

time you've pulled it up over your hips,

and the pump can feel a bit floppy once

inside a belt like that as it's quite heavy.

They aren't a bad option, but they're not

ideal as they're not specifically designed

for insulin pumps."

Without doubt, solutions are needed.

In an ideal world, insulin pumpers need

dedicated solutions for something they

wear 24/7. With diabetics like Isherwood

on the job, those solutions are in sight.



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