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and paellas.

There's also a Grains, Red Rice and

Quinoa Mix with wheatberries, red rice,

greenwheat, black barley and quinoa.

Quinoa is a great source of protein with an

amino acid profile that is as good as meat.

Not only that but it's also packed with

calcium, B vitamins, iron and essential

fatty acids. Merchant Gourmet's Spelt

is firm in texture and has a nutty flavour.

Spelt is a versatile wheat and is higher

than wheat in nutrients such as vitamin

B1, vitamin B2 and iron. it's quite carb-y

at 40g per 125g serving

The rest of the range includes: Red

and White Quinoa; Puy Lentils (24g per

125g serving); and Beluga Lentils. All

are either ready to eat out of the pack or

with just a couple of minutes cooking in a

microwave. They cost around £1.99 per

back from many supermarkets.


Sainsburys, Morrisons and Co-op

stock the range of Jamie Oliver Ready to

Eat pouches which retail at £2.30. These

come already flavoured but each have as

their basis one of four grains or pulses --

pearl barley, quinoa, spelt and chickpeas.

The curried chickpeas are 20g carbs per

125g serving, the mustard pearl barley is

30g per 125g serving. d


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