Advocate blood test meter featuring Redi-Code

A straightforward approach to

monitoring your blood glucose


The Redi-Code+ blood glucose meter has

been specifically designed for ease of use.

With only one button and an ergonomic design, the unit is simple to use

and comfortable to hold. Audible spoken prompts help guide you through

a short set-up and readings are spoken aloud as well as being clearly

visible on the large LCD display.

Redi-Code+ is extremely accurate, and complies with the latest

international ISO standards. It's also very affordably priced with test

strips that are among the most competitive on the market.

Reading your meter has never been so easy.

Try an Advocate meter FREE today.

Call 0800 773 4319 and quote code DES1 or visit to claim your free meter.

Simple to use Speaks result

Clear easy to

read display


0800 773 4319

Shown actual size


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