Tim Omer travels with Type 1 diabetes


A year ago Tim Omer, a T1 on a pump, picked up his bags and headed

for a world tour, taking as much kit with him as he could carry.


Not a holiday or a

trip, this was oldfashioned off-the-grid

bit of backpacking,

and taking care of

your diabetes while you do it. It's what

faces all of us who are on daily injections

or who use a pump and who want to

keep a handle on our blood glucose by

regular testing. It takes a lot of planning

but there's no point going on a trip

like that and having your diabetes let

you down. Here Tim, who travelled

with his fiance, shares his experience.


As a diabetic what did I have to

worry about when travelling? Very

little really. Things were normal

because the challenges where

the same. But, I can share some

advice with the benefits of my newly-found

hindsight. After approximately 20 flights,

26 boat trips, 15 train journeys, countless

bus trips and one canoe adventure I have

travelled more than 21,000 Miles around

Southeast Asia.

I'm back now and I'm still struggling

with highs and lows, to guess my carb

intake, resisting the temptation of high

sugar and processed carb foods. I'm still

diabetic, so everything is normal and after

a hospital check-up I can confirm that in

a year I am the same height, I have lost

5.3kg and my HbA1c has improved from

6.2 to 5.8 (which was a bit of a surprise!).

My diet has improved now I'm back to

familiar Western food, though I'm trying to

get my background insulin (basal) correct,

though I'm sure that in time this will be



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