Medtronic MiniMed 640g

DreaMed Diabetes has signed an

exclusive worldwide development

and license agreement with Medtronic

for incorporating DreaMed's MDLogic Artificial

Pancreas algorithm in

Medtronic's insulin pumps. DreaMed

Diabetes's CE-approved GlucoSitter

is based on the MD-Logic Artificial

Pancreas algorithm and is a fullyautomated, artificial-pancreas


for controlling glucose levels.

The system links the glucose

sensor with the insulin pump through

computerized control algorithms. It

analyses the data collected and uses

it to direct the insulin pump to deliver

the correct dose of insulin to maintain

balanced blood glucose. This closedloop procedure

minimizes the risk of

hypoglycemia (low blood glucose) and

hyperglycemia (high blood glucose)

and therefore reduces the risk of both

short- and long-term complications.

Medtronic Minimed 640G system

FreeStyle Libre continuous glucose monitor


After launching last October, Abbott's new FreeStyle Libre glucose sensor system took off like a

steam train with the company being unable to keep up with demand, but they are now becoming

more widely available.

The latest addition to Abbott's FreeStyle brand of meters uses Flash Glucose Monitoring

featuring a sensor and a reader. Data generated can be seen on the colour screen of the reader

in the form of a graph, and arrows show blood glucose as it trends either up, down - or if

you're lucky - in something like a straight line. Such insights can lead to modifications in

medication to improve control.

Unlike CGM (continuous glucose monitoring) these readings

are not beamed to the reader, you have to manually 'swipe'

the sensor with the reader and it lacks audible alarms that tell

you if your glucose levels are shifting, however the sensors

stay on for up to two weeks and are painless. A starter pack

(a reader and two sensors) is around £140. The reader is a

one-off buy while the two sensors will give you 28 days coverage.

The MiniMed 640G system is the latest technology in diabetes insulin pump therapy

from Medtronic and combines features such as colour screen, waterproofing, and

remote bolusing (using the Bayer Contour Next Link 2.4 blood glucose meter)

to create an insulin therapy system offers people with Type 1 diabetes greater

freedom and better health. The claim for better health is based on the

inclusion of advanced protection against hypos using the onboard

SmartGuard, Medtronic's exclusive closedloop technology.

The pump, using a CGM sensor

with SmartGuard switched on can stop insulin

delivery when sensor glucose levels are predicted to

approach a low limit (and start insulin back up when

levels recover). Bayer Healthcare's CONTOUR

NEXT LINK 2.4 is the only blood glucose meter

labeled for use with Medtronic's MiniMed 640G

System. The meter provides highly accurate blood

glucose testing, which is used for calibration of the

MiniMed 640G's continuous glucose monitoring

sensor, and wirelessly connects to

MiniMed 640G for added convenience

for people managing their diabetes.

It also enables people with diabetes

to remotely deliver a bolus of insulin

from the meter, allowing for more

discreet insulin delivery.



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