diabetic diet




It's partly a packaging revolution, but it's

also thanks to shoppers and suppliers

both gaining a greater understanding

of the value of adding a wider range of

less processed grains and pulses to our

diets. These tend to be fantastic for the

diabetic diet as they have a slower release

of energy so while they are carbs, they are

lower GI than more commonly available

wheat which has often been processed

and thereby removing fibre leading to

faster absorption into the blood stream

and giving blood sugar 'spikes'. The

packaging revolution is that these packs

and pouches are vacuum packed which

means that they can be stored at amb ient

temperatures -- i.e. at room temperature


so they are neither tinned nor need to be

stored in refridgerated compartments.

Super easy to prepare, delicious,

healthy and fantastic value, inside these

funny, squidgy packages are a range of

good-for-you grains. Merchant Gourmet's

range of grains offers a variety of healthy

and filling meat alternatives due to the

high levels of protein they contain. They

make a great store cupboard staple.

Due to the growing demand for greater

nutritional values of food, cleaner and

simpler recipes and clear labelling, the

brand has seen steady growth in its

ready-to-eat grains and pulses range

with sales experiencing a 100% year-onyear growth.

Overall, it's a good sign for

the nation's diet that these options are

beccoming more available.

With three times as much fibre as

brown rice, Freekeh is also a lower carb,

low GI grain that will keep you feeling

fuller for longer whilst giving you a great

vitamin boost. Freekeh is the name for

the roasting process; the grain itself is

durum wheat harvested whilst still young,

soft and green. As it is made from the

youngest, greenest wheat, Freekeh

retains higher levels of protein, fibre and

minerals than those found in mature

wheat and can be used instead of rice

or couscous in Middle-Eastern recipes,

salads, vegetarian burgers, risottos, pilaffs

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