Diasend easy diabetes communication

Diasend AB

St James House,

13 Kensington Square

London, W8 5HD

+44 (0) 74 690 840 47

info@diasend.comtp://diasend.com" target="_blank" title="Visit diasend.com">diasend.com

What is diasend®


diasend® is a stand-alone system which offers an all-inclusive solution to transferring, storing

and reviewing patients' data from over 100 different brands of glucose meters, insulin pumps

and continuous glucose monitors. diasend® displays the data in a simple and structured

fashion regardless of device type or how the data was initially saved. If you have several

different devices diasend® will combine the data into one easy-to-read report.

All activity in one place


now also offers integration of patients' data from several activity trackers, such as:

Fitbit, Up by Jawbone, Nike+ FuelBand, Moves and Runkeeper. Patients can easily share data

with their health care provider and understand the information with diasend®


diasend® is free of charge for all patients and the diasend® Mobile app will be

launched in 2015 - also free of charge!

Free of charge

for patients!


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