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Nothing particularly to do with diabetes, but as it affects so many of

us, here is a look at some solutions to this seasonal affliction.



ayfever is a seasonal

annoyance which can

also lead to perennial

rhinitis (a permanent

stuffy/runny nose

and sinusitis), or asthma as well as

secondary bacterial infections and lead to

a susceptibility to other allergens.

It is caused, as we all know, by an

allergic reaction to pollen. However, If

you're allergic to pollen you may also

be allergic to pets and dustmites too,

throughout the year, with reactions

coming to a peak with hayfever added

in on top in springtime (see next page for

more information on these).

The symptoms of hayfever (sneezing,

runny nose, itchy eyes, wheezing, a

burning throat) are the body's response to

pollen, dust or other allergens triggering

the release of histamine which sets off the

typical symptoms.

Hayfever itself is estimated to affect

around 15 million people in the UK, with

around 25% being allergic to tree pollen

and 95% suffering an allergic reaction to

grass pollen. The grass pollen season

normally runs from May to July, with

peaks in June and again in July. The NHS

estimates that hayfever rates may triple by

2030 with half of the population predicted

to suffer from allergies to pollen.

Anti-allergy products

Bio-Life tries to reduce the level of the

cause rather than treating the symptoms

with an environmentally friendly trigger

spray, AirCleanse, that is designed to


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