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Published by Desang Ltd the aim of this newsletter is to bring news and information to people living with diabetes. Please check all matters

concerning how you handle your health with your healthcare team. We welcome any feedback on the magazine or ideas for future articles.

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There's not much to link diabetes

and pollen allergies, but it's the

season for hayfever and as so

many of us suffer from it, we lake

a look at some potential antisneeze solutions. p.18.

Sue Marshall


Excess weight might protect against

developing dementia; WHO creates a tool to address the marketing

of 'bad' food to children; Listen

up - shows from the radio about

living with diabetes. p.4. Good things come to he who waits. We've reported

in previous issues on kit that was either in

development or due to come out soon. Some of it

is pretty clever stuff, so there's a recap in the feature on

p. We also have several pages on various aspects of diet

including a consideration of using sweeteners instead of

sugar, and some coverage is devoted to food in pouches. It's

not pet food, it's a new way of packaging certain food stuffs

(in this case carbohydrates) that's easy-to-use but contain

quality grains and pulses, which will be advantageous to

your blood glucose control. And Tim Omer gives insights

as to how he travelled the globe with his blood test meter,

insulin pump and all that that entails and made it back to

tell us about how he did it. Thank you for sharing Tim!

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But business as usual is best for

diabetics at Christmas





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Deborah Wilder considers the

choice between using sugar or

artificial sweeteners in the diet

and we look at what some of

them comprise of and how they

were discovered. p.22



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