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curry cuisine, the brainchild of husband and wife team, Paresh and Prett tejura,

has launched a new online shop to meet the growing national consumer demand

for its retail range of traditionally handcrafted chutneys, jams, condiments and

spice mixes. the continuing growth of the business led curry cuisine to create

two stand alone, but interlinking and complementary websites to differentiate its

cookery and retail divisions. the new cookery school website is at

www.currycuisinecookeryschool.co.uk and is more informative and

focussed on the range of courses and events available. the website also links to

the company’s online spice shop.


Steve’s Leaves find flavours and textures that stand out from the crowd. The latest leaf

to pass muster is delicate fennel fronds which have been added to baby spinach, green

Batavia and red chard to make a mix of leaves which is full of flavour, texture and colour.

This new bag of salad leaves is a classic partnership when teamed with fish, and a

variety of other foods such as quinoa and avocado. all steve’s Leaves are washed only

in spring water, ensuring no chlorine, chemicals or additives touch the leaves. the leaves

are ready to eat straight from the bag and perfectly portioned to minimise waste.

the team of tasters at steve’s Leaves spends hours tasting various new varieties of

baby leaf to bring the best new flavours and textures of salad to market.

once a leaf variety is chosen, the seeds are sown on one of steve’s Leaves’ farms and

grown slowly in natural light to ensure the highest

quality leaf is achieved.

recipes have been developed

such as Fennel tops and crunchy nuts and tangy berries has been added

sweet Leaves with to the offering from Fairtrade chocolate company,

Prawns, capers and Divine, in the form of Divine milk & Dark chocolate

cucumber; Fennel tops mixed nuts, and Divine White chocolate

and sweet Leaves with mixed berries. blackcurrants, raspberries and

mackerel and Preserved strawberries are mixed with creamy white

Lemon; Fennel tops and chocolate, while whole brazilnuts and roasted

sweet Leaves with griddled cashews are mixed with milk chocolate. there

artichokes and courgettes. are also crunchy caramelised almonds in

intensely rich 70% dark chocolate.

www.stevesleaves.co.uk all the nuts are supplied by Divine’s fellow

Fairtrade company Liberation and all Fairtrade

certified from small holders in Bolivia, India and

Pakistan. Divine chocolate is made with the

finest quality Fairtrade cocoa beans from Kuapa

kokoo, a co-operative of smallholder farmers in

ghana. Divine chocolate Ltd is co-owned by

cocoa farmers.


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