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study results published in the new england Journal of medicine

reported that the threshold suspend feature of a sensor-

augmented insulin pump from medtronic safely reduces

nocturnal hypoglycemia. Threshold Suspend is the first-of-its-

kind automated insulin pump feature unique to an investigational

minimed integrated system which automatically suspends insulin

delivery temporarily when sensor glucose values reach a pre-set

low level. it is also an important step toward medtronic’s ultimate

goal to develop a fully automated artificial pancreas for people

with diabetes.

The first-of-its-kind Threshold Suspend feature, exclusive to

minimed insulin pumps, works by suspending insulin delivery Precise. Easy. Comfortable.

for up to two hours when an individual’s sensor glucose value

reaches a preset low sensor level. once the threshold is met, the

insulin pump will alarm and suspend all insulin delivery for two

hours. insulin delivery can be resumed by the patient at any time.

the feature is commercially available internationally in the

minimed Veo system (where the feature is called Low glucose

suspend). threshold suspend is also a part of the minimed 530g, Discover the new OneTouch® Delica® Lancing System.

which is not commercially available in the u.s. at this time, and With Advanced Glide® Control System for

is currently under review at the FDa. the minimed 530g system smooth and precise lancing, and Ejection Control

is the first system submitted for approval under the new product for safe and easy removal of lancets. So it’s a

classification, ‘OZO: Artificial Pancreas Device System, Threshold comfortable choice.

suspend,’ created by the u.s. Food and Drug administration.

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