Type 2 diabetes


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2 diabetes has shown improvement just in

the last year. if you think any of these may

help you improve your diabetes control,

talk to your doctor about them. the tools to do so by their gP. the new Better medications

onetouch Verio (pictured above right) blood sugar disorder is a sign of diabetes,

1. More tools: blood testing gives useful information about your results. and sugar itself is a factor in our diets, but

one of the simpler ways to improve diet the automatic in-range messages and there’s no denying it, fat is a fact in our

and diabetes control is just to blood test. Progress notes give more information at society and it’s a factor in diabetes. type 2

it really isn’t that big a deal. ok, as a type a glance (there’s no need to scroll or push is often referred to as ‘insulin resistance’.

1 who blood tests a lot, i would say that, buttons). the info is displayed on an easy- it’s not that you don’t have any insulin

but the equipment involved in terms of to-read, high-resolution display. produced in your body at all (lie those

blood test meters and the lancing devices a colour-coded indicator system with type 1 diabetes), but that what you

(“finger prickers” as they get called) -- are automatically tells you if you are high (red), produce either doesn’t get through to

all much better than in the past. they’re low (blue) or in range (green). by keeping do its job, or there just isn’t enough to

less fussy, less painful, more discreet and track of your progress, the meter lets you go around. the irony is that many of the

sometimes really quite fun to use (you may know how you’re doing with on-screen existing treatments for both type 1 and

need to have had diabetes a long time messages in the form of a ‘consistency’ type 2 diabetes actually cause the body

to actually appreciate such innovations!) message and an ‘achievement’ message. to at least maintain weight if not actually

roche’s multiclix is now more widely suitable for use by anyone with diabetes, gain more weight.

available with its drum of six lancets each the meter is useful to type 2s because Pharmaceutical company novo

of which retracts so that accidental skin it makes blood test results both quick nordisk is well known to people who take

punctures cannot happen. and easy to understand. this can boost insulin, as it’s the biggest insulin provider in

there is an ongoing debate about your confidence in managing your the uk. a couple of years ago it launched

whether or not type 2s need to blood blood glucose by yourself, whether Victoza to aid the treatment of type 2

test. many do not need to, but if they want that’s through exercise, food choices or

to then they should certainly be given medication dosing. continued over

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