Type 2 diabetes


diabetes. this is not an insulin but another does not have to done with a meal and gets worse over time and is the reason

injectable treatment (a gLP-1 inhibitor, needs only to be done once a day. why the diabetes control also tends

known as an incretin). it improves how speaking about the new drug, to deteriorate over time. gLP-1 is one

insulin works in the body (i.e. addresses Professor anthony barnett has said, of the hormones released in the gut

insulin resistance) while reducing the risk of “there is the dual impact in type 2 diabetes in response to food. it has a number

hypos and helping patients feel full longer. of insulin resistance and pancreatic beta of important natural functions in the

While Victoza has to be injected it cell dysfunction – the latter in particular body. these include stimulation of the

pancreas to produce insulin in a ‘glucose

dependent’ manner. this means it only

Accu-Chek 3-day pattern analysis pack works when glucose levels are high

or rising. also, gLP-1 suppresses

glucagon production -- stopping the

This neat new pack from Accu-Chek with long-term implications. It includes liver from producing glucose. thirdly, it

is designed to help irregular testers several tips about understanding your slows the gut from emptying, so people

to see patterns in their blood testing, diabetes, particularly in relation to feel fuller longer. this means there is the

helping them to understand how to carbohydrates and medication taken sense of ‘satiety’, the idea that you just

better control their blood glucose as well as 25 Aviva strips, 24 lancets feel sated and full, therefore you don’t

levels. All that is required is that they (four drums of six lancets), a DVD and keep eating.”

do seven tests a day for three days, instructions. You will need to already

before and after each meal, then once have an Accu-Chek meter (Aviva, Nano., More oral meds

before bed. Plotted on a paper graph, etc) and a Fastclix lancing device (to use one of the great undertakings in the

the results tell a story, the aim of which the lancet drums). current world of diabetes care is to

is to assist your learning curve. The pack is £19.99 initially from the keep type 2s on a pill-only medication

The pack enables the use of the bigger Boots stores, later from Lloyds delivery system, and even to try to

Accu-Chek 360 software with the Pharmacies and others. Any changes to find a pill delivery method for people

aid of a paper-based tool (in the medication should be agreed with your currently injecting insulin, whether type

form of the graph). It means making Health Care Professional. 1 or type 2 (as many type 2s end up on

small steps to improved control, but insulin in the long run as it’s the optimal

therapy after a few years on pills such as

metformin). these pill delivery systems

are called oaDs oaD (oral anti-diabetic)

drugs. For example, capsulin oaD is

currently in development by a company

called Diabetology for the treatment of

type 2 diabetes. using compounds that

appear to facilitate insulin absorption in

the small intestine well enough to meet

clinical objectives, potentially improving

compliance (i.e. patients taking the

drugs they are prescribed). in addition

is capsulin ir (insulin replacement)

treatment of type 1 diabetes mellitus.

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