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three research projects have been DAY NoRTh-


announced by JDrF. Dr Parth narendran

at the university of birmingham will test

if there is a way of stopping the cells of

the immune system that target beta cells this year’s Diabetes Wellness Day

from entering the pancreas in the first north east will take place on saturday,

place. Preventing the immune attack 9th november, 2013 at Hartlepool’s

from getting started is one of JDrF’s key maritime experience and will coincide

priorities. with the international Diabetes

Dr tim tree at king’s college London Federation’s ‘World Diabetes Day’ on

is looking at specific cells in the immune thursday, 14th november.

system that may offer protection against DrWF (Diabetes research &

type 1. in this project he will investigate Wellness Foundation) is working with

regulatory t cells, which are supposed to consultant Physician Dr susan Jones,

keep the immune system under control. study yields decisive results, the cells Lead Diabetes nurse Lisa specialist

in a related project at king’s college created by the team could potentially be Doughty and the specialist diabetes

London, Dr els Henckaerts is going to injected into people with, or at risk of, team from the north tees and Hartlepool

use his team’s skills in stem cell biology type 1 diabetes as a means to control nHs Foundation trust to put on another

to investigate whether he can grow new the immune destruction of beta cells. Diabetes Wellness Day. registration

regulatory t cells capable of controlling JDrF has committed over £430,000 to will begin at 9am and the talks and

the immune response against beta cells supporting these three projects. to help activities will start at 10am. the day will

in his laboratory. if this proof-of-concept fund JDrF, visit: conclude at around 4 pm. there will be

an opportunity to listen to a variety of

talks on different aspects of living with

diabetes. there is a small registration

fee of £5 per person.

there will be an exhibition room

giVeaway! with different diagnostic companies and

local organisations present to talk about

the latest blood-glucose monitors and

diabetes related products and services

as well as experts from the local

diabetes healthcare teams, the retinal

screening service, the diabetic podiatry

ChoC ShoTS! service and other groups such as the

expert Patient Programme and many

other support groups.

Chocolate in a bottle. A 5g teaspoon is 2.9g of carbs. For further details or an information

We have 20 bottles to giveaway. Send an email with pack contact Lee calladine on 023 92

the subject line ‘choc shot’ and include your name 636133 and by e-mail at events@drwf.

and delivery address to info@desang.net org.uk


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