counting carbohydrates


So seasonal that they single-handedly

represent Halloween, yet often

underused in this

country, the squash Pumpkin Nutrition Facts

(1 cup cooked, boiled,

family includes drained, without salt)

pumpkins as well calories 49

as courgettes. They Protein 2 grams

carbohydrate 12 grams

are wonderful in calcium 37 mg

iron 1.4 mg

winter in soups, magnesium 22 mg

stews and even Potassium 564 mg

Zinc 1 mg

curries. Vitamin c 12 mg

Folate 21 mcg

Vitamin a 2650 iu

Vitamin e 3 mg


roadly separated into

winter and summer

squash, winter squash

would be pumpkins, while

summer squash would

include things like courgette and pattypan

(or scallop) squash.

the plant itself is a fast-growing vine

similar to those of cucumbers and melons

that creeps on the surface and produces

fruits. Pumkin is one of the most popular

field crops cultivated around the world.

they vary greatly in shape, size and

colour. Pumpkins generally feature orange

or yellow colours, however they can come

in shades of green, brown, white, red and


the normally bright orange colour

of pumpkin shows that it is loaded with

the antioxidant beta-carotene, which is

converted to vitamin a in the body. one

hundred grams of pumpkin will give your

body nearly twice the necessary daily

continued over


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