continuous glucose monitoring, CGM


Who’s who in CGM sensors...

Sensor augmented pumps

the omniPod insulin pump can be used with any available continuous glucose monitoring

system (cgm). minute-to-minute glucose information from cgm technology such as Freestyle

navigator or Dexcom 4 users get info on whether their blood sugar trend is going high or low

and can use the PDm to adjust your insulin as necessary. the animas Vibe insulin pump is cgm-

enabled with Dexcom technology combining sensor accuracy with a week’s worth of sensing

built in per sensor and using the smallest introducer needle on the market. medtronic’s Veo

pumps are sensor-augmented with medtronic’s own enlite sensor system.

Dexcom 4

Freestyle Navigator

Medtronic Guardian Real -Time

the medtronic enlite sensor (pictured left) works with a transmitter

which talks to either a stand alone monitor or a sensor-enabled

medtronic Veo pump.


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