continous glucose monitoring, CGM


a short history of

cGM sensors


voiding extreme highs body with a small canula that penetrates

and lows in glucose just under the skin (usually about 5mm

levels is crucial to under the skin). a small handheld device

controlling diabetes and shows the results on screen. results can

reducing the risk of long- also be download and even uploaded

term diabetes complications. continuous onto the products associated websites.

glucose monitoring is one way of helping However, cgms are often worn in

gain more control through greater insight conjuction with a pump. in the uk the

as to your blood glucose highs and lows. animas Vibe works directly with the

Put simply, a sensor placed just under Dexcom cgm (pictured right) while the

the skin reads your body tissue fluid’s medtronic minimed Paradigm Veo talks

glucose level and sends the result to a directly with medronic’s guardian real

receiver. the frequent results show a time system. both of these work with

graph from which you can see trends – medtronic’s carelink software.

you might see your glucose levels slowly

decreasing if you check the screen while The full picture

you go out for a long walk. cgm systems provide patients with a

clinical studies have shown that more complete glucose picture (compared that is showing an awful lot of promise

adults aged 25 and older with type 1 to normal blood tests alone). When as research proves that giving a diabetic

diabetes who use cgm therapy to help working in combination with an insulin added info about their current blood

manage their disease often experience pump, the pumps can be customized glucose readings can really help achieve

significant improvements in glucose to send out an alert when high and low best results in blood test readings and

control. Patients who use insulin pump thresholds are breached. rate-of-change therefore preventing the long-term

therapy in combination with cgm obtain alarms and trends based on cgm results damage associate with continued bad

lower Hba1c levels relative to patients are features that allow patients to make glucose control.

who use multiple daily injections and self- more informed decisions to help with their the future is bright. and the future

monitoring of blood glucose. control in terms of taking more food, or means wearing sensor-augmented

You can wear a CGM device on its more or less medication. insulin pumps.

own (without being on a pump) if you are in terms of history, cgm sensors have

on mDi (multiple daily injections). they not been around that long, and there not

consist of a sensor that’s worn on the than many to choose from. but it’s an area continued over




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