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Helen Braid is a final year veterinary student at the Royal

Veterinary college. in august she is swimming the english

channel as part of a relay team in aid of Diabetes uk. she

says, “i chose Diabetes uk because i have been obese for

my entire life and i am at high risk of developing diabetes and

the work they do is invaluable to people living with diabetes.”

she’s not the only one! Wendy reading is also swimming

the channel as part of a relay team for Diabetes uk. there

is a total of six teams spread across the country. The first

of two training weekends took place earlier this month

may when all the participants met everyone and were put

into teams. and it’s not the only marathon swimming feat

that Wendy’s undertaking. “as part of my endurance swim

challenges this summer i’m also doing the bridge to bridge

swim this summer, which is in the thames. it’s a 14km swim

from Henley to marlow. i might also do a 10km swim in lake

buttermere called utterly buttermere!”

You can sponsor Helen at


You can follow Wendy on twitter @Wendysswimming) or

fiollow her blog at

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