diabetes insulin pumps


similar way to a pump infusion set. it then to assess how much rem you’re getting.

shows on its own screen your trends and Or keep a fitbit about your person -- a

patterns. because the glucose level that tiny pedometer that keeps tracks of your

can be tested in your interstitial body fluid footsteps daily. and, lucky diabetics can

is 10-15 minutes ‘behind’ that of your wear a permanent insulin pump – current

blood test, if you are going to do a bolus models are mainly those with tubing, the

you really ought to do a blood test first to newer ones are ‘patch’ pumps, where

get the most up-to-date reading and not insulin is delivered from a patch that’s

rely solely on your cgm reading. worn on the body. insulin delivery, in terms

of bolus and basal rates, is managed from

The future a hand-held device that doubles up as a

a new era of wearable technology is blood test meter too, with instructions

dawning. the iWatch cometh – how being sent via bluetooth or wireless

would you like a computer operating connections.

system on your wrist? What about a pair maybe one day, if your pump is

of google glasses? You could then watch compatible with other wireless devices,

data streaming into your spectacles. or you might be seeing your blood test logs

wear an seo headband when you sleep on your wristwatch. The Accu-Chek Spirit Combo insulin pump.


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