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rotAtIon, rotAtIon, rotAtIon

as we all get told, over and over again, we need to rotate our injection sites so we don’t

keep putting needles into the same bits of our body. it makes sense on every front,

helping to prevent insulin ‘pooling’ under the skin, and to give that skin a bit of a rest from

continual puncturing. injecting in the same place can lead to lipohypertrophy -- lumps

under the skin caused by a buildup of fat from too many insulin injections in the same

place which can also cause slower insulin absorption, can affect glycemic control and

hypos that may occur due to over correcting.

american company medical Visuals has come up with simple body tattoos --

‘tartoos’ (targeted tattoos) -- for safe and effective for injection site management. one

tartoo package includes four easy-to-use 4” x 6” tattoo grids, each with 20 images

which help you to remember to rotate those injections. www.myvisualmedical.com

tell-tAle scAles

these days bathroom scales are diagnostic – not only telling your weight, but your

body fat, muscle content, water content, bone mass and even your recommended daily

calorie consumption.

With beurer’s Diagnostic scale range, the detailed body analysis is carried out by

electrodes which are integrated into the standing surface of the scale. the respective

resistance (biometric impedance) in the body is calculated through a small, gentle and

undetectable current and expressed in percentage values or kg. users enter their age,

height, gender and how active they are. it can also calculate your bmi (body-mass-

Index). Less mirror-mirror on the wall, more tell-it-all scales on the floor, but these can

help you keep an eye on your overall health as well as your weight.

the beurer range of diagnostic scales is available from John Lewis from £29.99

to £169.99 (pictured is the bg40, £49.99).

sIngle-dose InjectIons

these nifty little syringes from Ypsomed myLife are small and easy to carry around.

the idea is that they are disposible and used for single doses. Very discreet to use, and

can show which doses have been taken. also useful for those on insulin pumps, the

Daily Dose is a far more convenient back-up system for pump users than all existing

alternatives, such as keeping an insulin pen and needles ‘just in case’ the pump should

fail. many people with diabetes miss crucial injections due to convenience, social

or behavioural reasons, or sometimes miss or repeat due to simple forgetfulness.

these neat little injecting devices can help users by being simple and convenient. Daily

Dose is the smallest insulin syringe in the world. its world-patented design is popular

amongst healthcare professionals and patients alike as an aid to better compliance.



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