diabetes information

“There’s no such thing

as a free lunch”

– popularised by Milton Friedman, economist


he british sandwich Chicken is still the most popular filling in

association (yes, there commercially made sandwiches accounting

is one) has launched a for around 30% of sandwich sales -- using

campaign to encourage the equivalent amount of chicken in weight

people across the uk to to more than 175 fully loaded Jumbo Jets.

‘Love Lunch’ after its research showed That said, other fillings such as cheese,

that almost 60% of adults admit to eating bacon and ham are slowly catching up in

lunch at their desk at least once a week the popularity stakes.

and well over a quarter to taking less than

the legal 20 minute break. Sandwiches and labelling The UK’s top ten favourite

the results of the survey also showed When it comes to a diabetic’s diet, it’s sandwiches (2012):

that people in the south West and Wales helpful if sandwiches are packed in boxes

currently take the shortest average lunch with easy-to-read labels that include carb 1. chicken salad

break and those in scotland and northern content information. bsa Director Jim 2. Prawn mayonnaise

ireland the longest. only a third of us Winship comments, “the british sandwich 3. egg & cress

managing to find somewhere nice to sit association has always encouraged clear 4. bacon & Lettuce+tomato

and relax and enjoy our lunch and over labelling on sandwiches so that consumers 5. mixed selection

20% admitting to often skipping lunch. it can make a reasoned choice. there are 6. chicken & bacon

would appear that the uk is lagging well mixed views about traffic light labelling. The 7. cheese & onion

behind the rest of europe when it comes ec, for example, prefers gDa information 8. tuna+sweetcorn

to lunch breaks. to be given rather than traffic lights as these 9. Ploughman’s

bsa Director Jim Winship explains: can be misleading. 10. chicken & sweetcorn

“While uk employment legislation means “in the case of packaged sandwiches, all

employees are entitled to a minimum of a major retailers provide information either on

20 minutes break if they are working for six the front or back of pack and most provide

hours or more it would seem that people are much more than they are required to as

simply not making the most of the time. We they see it as part of their responsibility to

want to remind people about the benefits of consumers to work with government to

taking time away from their place of work, encourage healthier diets.

grabbing a nutritious lunch and, weather “in the case of foodservice outlets

willing, enjoying some fresh air.” like greggs and Pret a manger, where

sandwiches are made on site by hand, it

Time worth taking is not always possible to provide nutritional

and there is plenty of evidence to support information on pack as there can be

the benefits of taking a proper break for variations in size from one sandwich to the

lunch with some reports even suggesting next. this can affect nutrition levels and,

that the time you spend away from the therefore, makes it difficult to precisely

office is more than compensated for by an label each product. indeed, if they were

increase in productivity in the afternoon. to do so these outlets could be accused

eating any type of meal at lunchtime of misleading consumers if there were

can help keep the metabolism active variations between sandwiches. However,

but some foods clearly pack more of a most retailers who are unable to provide the

nutritional punch than others, with experts guidance information on label – and there is

recommending a combination of complex no legal requirement for foodservice outlets

carbohydrates and lean proteins to help to label – do voluntarily provide guidance on

provide a long-lasting energy source and websites or at point-of-sale.”

stable blood sugars.

the Weight control information network

claims that people who regularly skip meals

tend to weigh more than those that eat regularly. (continued over)


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