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Paul morris has been living with diabetes

for 20 years now, having been diagnosed

at age 11. He’s been on trips to africa,

on one occasion climbing mount kenya,


and now he regularly does bike rides for

charity. His next one is the London-to-

Paris ride, in part organised by the JDrf,

and for which he’s raising money. the

230-mile ride is spread over 3 days (just

one way, they get the train back), so an

average of 75 miles a day.

Paul’s had a blood test meter since

being diagnosed and regularly tests. Like

many of us, he developed a confidence

and independence with his diabetes after

feeling that the attitude at his diabetes

clinic was a bit ‘come back in six months’

(six months being a long time to be living

with diabetes if it wasn’t under good

control). However, he’s now been on the

accu-chek combo pump since october

2012. Having first taken the Dafne

‘freedom’ course run at his local hospital

in Dorchester he now visits bournemouth

Hospital for his pump clinic.

“i almost don’t notice i’m wearing

it”, he says of his pump. in addition,

he has self-funded to go on a Dexcom

continuous glucose monitoring device

(cgm, pictured centre right) which he

uses as well as the combo pump. Paul

is a scientist who works with a company

that makes and monitors medical

ultrasound equipment, so he’s not shy of

a bit of technology but admits that, “cgm

has had a big impact. the Dexcom cgm

helps me get the most out of the pump by

giving me continual information – it does

not rely on you hvaing to stop to blood

test. i used to think i could not afford it,

and now i think i can’t afford not to.”

to sponsor Paul click HERE.

For more info on insulin pumps and CGM data see p.10.


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