insulin pumps


The Animas Vibe insulin pump.

be quickly and easily done can be done

at clinic or at home. the pump’s screen

has colour arrows that show if your blood

sugars are trending up, or going down.

DATA DELVERY. An example from a Diasend patient report

it also indicates how much insulin you showing pump basals and boluses with blood test results.

already have on board (i.e. in your system

adn still active). so you can assess what’s terms of sharing it with your HcP, that’s get better at it, you might even see that

going on with just a glance at the screen. something you need to discuss and agree there can be more than one interpretation.

with them. You might also be tempted to try a cgm

Data sharing frida adds, “in terms of the ability to monitor too, which will give you greater

frida arvidsson from Diasend explains, download data, the feedback we receive amounts of data.

“With the animas Vibe, the download is is that being able to see their data in clear, You can wear a cgm device on its

done in two ways – you can see some structured tables and graphs transforms own. the consist of a sensor that’s worn

details on the pump screen or data is the time spent with the doctors and on the body with a small canula that

downloaded with Diasend either in the nurses to something really useful. it gives penetrates just under the skin. a small

clinic (no software needed) or from the patients the ability to highlight patterns device shows the results on screen; they

patient’s home with software called and trends, things to be mindful of, and can also be download and even uploaded

Diasend uploader and an infrared cable makes it easier to manage their diabetes. onto the products associated websites.

that is provided in the pump starting pack the doctors and nurses themselves cgms are often worn in conjuction with

by animas.” also feel it transforms the quality of the a pump. the animas Vibe works directly

both Healthcare Professionals and the consultations. the Diasend system is with the Dexcom g4 cgm while the

patient see the same data (this is not the compatible with most devices on the medtronic minimed Paradigm Veo talks

case with all systems) and the software is market today and consolidates the data directly with medronic’s guardian real

compatible with both mac and Pc. the into one set of reports they feel it makes time system, and both work alongside

data can even be viewed on any device – it quick and easy to download all devices the medtronic carelink software.

such as a smart phone or tablet – so long and analyse the data.” the animas Vibe (pictured above)

as it has internet access as it’s all stored also works with the Dexcom continous

up on a website that you simply log in Data overload? glucose monitor. this tracks the glucose

to. there is a support/technical helpline You do have to get used to seeing all levels in your interstitial body fluid via a

available both from animas and Diasend. the data in one place. it can look entirely sensor, which attaches to the body in a

in terms with how often you might do overwhelming and it can be hard to sort

a download, that really is up to you, but in ‘the wheat from the chaff’. in fact, as you continued overleaf


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