insulin pumps and CGM

Pumps and meters trends and patterns around hyper and

With the medtronic insulin pumps, such hypoglycaemia.

as the minimed Paradigm Veo, the With the omnipod, the handheld

contour Link sends your blood glucose doubles as a blood test meter, so cutting

reading directly to your pump. then you down on the kit you need to carry around.

can choose to use it as a calibration for

your cgm sensor, if you have one, or Data onboard

give yourself a bolus manually or via bolus the animas Vibe pump has an onboard

wizard. bolus wizard and has basic carbs-and-

With the animas Vibe pump the blood cals info installed too for carb-counting

glucose monitoring is also separate from ‘on the go’. it’s personalisable via

the pump. However, animas’s sister customized settings based on your own

The Omnipod insulin pump (with pods)

company, Lifescan, has the onetouch insulin profiles. Animas Vibe partners with

from MyLife Ypsomed

VerioiQ which they advocate to use as Diasend for downloading data which can

this meter has the pattern management

technology to support identifying continued over


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