diabetic insulin pumps


data: part ii

insulin pumps

Data has evolved from a

by-product of business to

become its driving force. Now

industry leaders use data

analytics to drive change. If

they’re doing it then diabetics,

with the right kit, can do it too.

Got a smart blood test meter?

Then download your data and

study it. Got an insulin pump?

Ditto, with digital knobs on.


s well as making calls, wizard but has pattern alert technology. medtronic’s pumps and accu-chek’s

keeping in touch via using these technologies will ‘warm you combo pump both still have tubing that

text and even sorting up’ to the technologies used in insulin attaches the pump to the infusion site.

out your social media pumps, so that if (or when) you go on a With the combo there is a pump plus a

missives, smart phones pump, it’s not such a big deal. hand-held device.

seem to have encouraged many people there are a few options in terms of Paul morris, who uses the accu-chek

to monitor their health and wellbeing. insulin pumps available in the uk. only combo and who undertakes long cycling

such users are called ‘self-trackers’ – one so far is a patch pump – the omnipod events (see the news pages for more

sound familiar? more than with any other (pictured far right). the handheld shows all on his exploits) says: “in the combo’s

medical condition, diabetics keep track the graphical information and acts as the handheld device, all the data comes

of their own symptoms (or results, in the controller – you programme your bolus together – your doses (both basal and

form of blood tests) as well as judge and doses and basal rates from this which are boluses) as well as blood test results.

administer their own medication. sent to the patch (or pod) to deliver. the all on a colour screen and one that’s not

You may already be using a ‘smart handheld is also a blood test meter. so it linked to your body via tubing. in addition,

meter’, such as the Verio iQ, which does contains both blood meter results and all accu-chek’s 360 management software

pattern management – it’s not a bolus insulin dosing activity. is also an excellent tool for data analysis.”


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