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Drinking a few times a week 'reduces diabetes risk'.

The BBC reported that people who drink three to four

times a week are less likely to develop Type 2 diabetes

than those who never drink, Danish researchers suggest.

Wine appears to be particularly beneficial, probably as it

plays a role in helping to manage blood sugar, the study,

published in Diabetologia says.

Danish drink study


Researchers from Sweden at the University of Gothenburg

in a study published in Science Translational Magazine say

that a broccoli sprout extract powder may be a potential

Type 2 diabetes treatment.

Swedish sprout science


Owain Clarke, BBC Wales health correspondent, wrote

that research shows that the proportion of diabetics who

go blind or suffer sight loss has almost halved since a

new national retinopathy screening programme started in

2007. Diabetics aged over 12 are offered annual screening

and health experts said the study shows a 'clear benefit'.

New certifications for severe sight impairment have fallen

from 31.3 to 15.8 per 100,000 people. The Swansea

University research was published in the BMJ.

Screening insights




This year's Diabetes UK London Bridges Challenge takes place

October. Get sponsored to walk nearly 10 miles from West to

East London over 12 the city's iconic bridges to raise money for

Diabetes UK. This year the walk starts in Battersea Park before

criss-crossing some of the city's iconic bridges along the River

Thames passing Big Ben, the London Eye, close to St Paul's

Cathedral via the Millennium Bridge, pat Shakespeare's Globe

theatre and finishing by crossing Tower Bridge. The event is a

family occasion, and everyone is welcome to come together to

walk towards a future without diabetes. NOTE: you won't be

able to register on the day, so you must register online before the

event. Registration: £5 per person (children under 16 go free), no

minimum sponsorship requirement, but the suggested target is



On 19 September 2017 the Burton Diabetes UK Group is

holding its 4th public event on diabetes awareness at Burton

Albion Pirelli Stadium, Burton upon Trent. The free event it will

take place between 6pm-8.30pm, for which the theme is Feet

First. There will be demonstrations on how to inspect your feet

from invited podiatrists, with Q&A after each demonstration. The

Mayor Councillor Simon Gaskin will be attending the event, which

is being opened by Prof Fran Game, Consultant Diabetologist

and Clinical Director of johnbridges1972@gmail.comospitals NHS FT.

Hon Professor, University of Nottingham. For more info contact


A new Diabetes Wellness Day Midlands event offers information

and support to people living across the central region of the

country. Family members, friends and carers and those with an

interest in diabetes are encouraged to take part. At each event

there are informative talks and sessions to get involved in and

a vibrant exhibition room bring together a wealth of information

under one roof for people living with all forms of diabetes.

Lunch and refreshments provided throughout the day. A small

registration fee of £5 is required to secure your place. Sunday 8

October 2017 at Chesford Grange Hotel, Kenilworth, Warwick.

The seventh annual Diabetes Wellness Day North is being held on

Saturday 4 November. An ideal time to come along and pick up

some tips, meet new people and chat to healthcare professionals,

the event will be at Hartlepool's Maritime Experience.

Scientists supported by Diabetes UK have found a

molecule that could be used as a new treatment for

retinopathy in the future. The molecule acts by reducing

the leakage of small blood vessels at the back of the eye.

The researchers tested the effects of a molecule called

VEGF-A165b on cells grown in the lab and blood vessels

in the eye of a laboratory model of diabetes. The molecule

was able to reduce the leakage of blood vessels and

stop them growing uncontrollably. Since VEGF-A165b is

naturally found in our bodies, scientists hope they can find

a way to increase its production in humans, to protect

people with diabetes from developing eye damage.

Cool molecule



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