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you prefer. The traditional Italian way is

to enjoy as an antipasti, with datterini

tomatoes and salami.


"Small bites" in Italian, 50g each, these are

ideal for antipasti or aperitivo and popular

with children and adults alike. Prepare in

an insalata Caprese with tomato and basil,

combine with tomatoes or Parma ham on

a pizza, or enjoy 'in carrozza' (the classic

Italian snack of mozzarella sandwiched

between bread, drizzled with olive oil and

toasted or grilled).


A plaited DOP buffalo mozzarella this is a

luxury product with a slightly different taste

and islarger than the traditional product,

guaranteeing freshness, creaminess and

smooth texture.

Buffalo mozzarella provola

Wood-fired buffalo mozzarella provola

has a brownish colour, combined with a

strong, round almost spiced flavour and

soft, creamy texture and a longer shelf life

(up to 5-6 days). With its melting qualities,

smoked provola can be used to dress

pasta and meat dishes (pasta, courgettes

and provola is a classic) or cooked gently

in tomato sauce. Serve with bread.

Parmigiano Reggiano

Parmigiano Reggiano cheese, known as

the King of Cheeses, is one of the world's

oldest and richest cheeses - still produced

today as it was nine centuries ago. It's the

only cheese that has such an extensive

maturation which develops its delicious

flavour and unique characteristics.

The use of raw milk and the richness

of natural ingredients make this cheese

a superior product. A long ageing period

is fundamental in building the aromas

and texture of Parmigiano Reggiano.

Such complexity is achieved in a totally

natural way, without any additives, making

Parmigiano Reggiano 100% natural,

easy to digest and high in calcium. The

minimum maturation time is at least

12 months, but only when it reaches

approximately 24 months of age, is at

its best. Ageing can continue up to 36

months or more, during which time the

cheese develops its flavour, texture and

digestibility. At the end of the minimum

period of ageing, an expert from the

Consortium examines each cheese

wheel one by one. If a wheel passes

inspection and meets the requirements

of the P.D.O. (Protected Designation



of Origin), it is fire-branded with an oval

mark that reads 'Parmigiano Reggiano

Consorzio Tutela'. The identifying marks

and the dotted inscriptions are removed

from any cheeses which do not meet the


Within the European Union, Parmigiano

Reggiano is the only hard cheese that can

legally be called Parmesan. In many areas

outside of Europe, the name has become

genericized and is used by a number of

Wedges of Parmesan cheese atop a wheel of the cheese weighing

40kg having used 550 litres of milk in the process.


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