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Following years of testing, tweaking and maturation Quicke's has announced that its

award-winning cheese will be made using Cornish Sea Salt. The use of sea salt adds

a complexity of flavour to the Devon-based cheesemaker's expertly crafted clothbound

cheddar, set to tantalise the taste buds of curd nerds everywhere. This Devon-Cornwall

collaboration is the latest enhancement in Quicke's long history of cheesemaking. The

new wedges hit the shelves this month (August). Visit the website for a range of recipes

from Ben Quinn, from Woodfired Canteen in Cornwall, which harness the cheddar's

unique flavour profile, including a campfire cheese toastie, campfire smoked cauli

cheese, and cheddar and Bramley apple risotto.

Based in Northhamtonshire, Cawston press was established in 1986. Ten whole apples

are crammed into every litre carton of their Original Blends range of juices. Cawston Press

Sparklers are cans of delicious fresh flavours mixing British-grown fruit with sweet, pressed

apple with a 'gentle fizz' from sparking spring water. Chose from Rhubarb (deliciously tart),

Cloudy Apple (refreshingly crisp), Ginger Beer (discernably dry) and Elderflower Lemonade

(wonderfully light). Their website includes recipes in which to use their juices. Make a

Yorkshire Snowball with Rhubarb sparker, Advocaat, Fino Sherry and limes, or apple

and elderflower vinaigrette using Cawston's

apple and elderflower juice. The juices

and sparklers are suitable for vegetarians,

vegans and are free from concentrates.

The cans average 7.5g of carbs per 100ml

(each flavor varies slightly between 6.5

and 8.5g), so just over 20g for the full can.

There's zero fat, and an average of 30cals

per 100ml (90cals per can).

Packed with more protein that two eggs

and with less sugar than an apple, The

Collective's Pro-yo pouches are healthy

snack that tastes good and comes in a

handy pouch, useful as a protein boost

as part of a hectic day or a visit to the

gym: grab 'n' go! There are three flavours

to choose from. Berries has three berry

varieties (Boysenberry, Blueberry and

Acai) packed into each pouch. Coconut

with Honey 'n' Vanilla is smooth and

creamy, packed full of natural sunshine.

Strawberry is jazzed up with a subtle

and sweet hint of rosehip. Available in




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