Carb and nutrient value of mushrooms



utumn is the perfect

time to incorporate

mushrooms into your

cooking.they are a

unique ingredient, as

they can be prepared in so many different

ways and used in countless dishes and

there's a great variety available, such as

White, Chestnut, Portobello, Shiitake

and Enoki, and chefs love them.

Chef Ed Baines says, "I have always

been a huge fan of mushrooms as they

are so versatile, tasty and good value for

money. They are also great for adding

flavour and substance to a dish. I have

developed some family friendly recipes

which are hearty, tasty and filling and

suitable for feeding your friends and

family on any occasion." Meanwhile Chef

James Martin, adds, "Mushrooms are

great ingredient to add to your favourite

dishes. They are naturally low in fat, yet

high in nutritional values making them the

perfect cooking vegetable, not to mention

they taste delicious."

Mushies are naturally low in both

calories and fat and are a natural source

of folic acid too. They are a natural source

of B vitamins are a good source of vitamin

B5 which works in the body to help

release energy from the food we eat. They

are a source of various minerals, such

as selenium, which is part of the body's

antioxidant defence system.

Mushrooms & weight-loss

Mushrooms are one of the tastiest,

nutrient-rich, low energy-dense foods

around with some100 kJ/24 calories in a

100g/3½oz serving. They also have more

protein than most vegetables. The GI isn't

relevant because they have almost no

carbs, while being a very good source of

continued over

In recent years there has been a growing interest in the art of mushroom foraying

- foraging for wild mushrooms - with people eager to discover what mushrooms

and toadstools they can find and identify. Mushrooms and toadstools of all

sorts of shapes, sizes, colours and textures will be springing up in abundance,

in woodlands and grasslands especially in October and November. Fears of

poisoning though are serious, as edible mushrooms and poisonous toadstools

can be very similar in appearance. A novice forayer uses a field guide, or joins an

expert on a guided walk, to ensure correct identification. Those wary of picking

and eating mushrooms that you are unsure of, can still take advantage of the

autumn fungal spectacular and enjoy the array of varieties available from local

shops and supermarkets.

Fungi expert Andy Overall, who leads regular Forays and Fungi Workshops

says, "The breadth of shape, size and colour among the fungi is bewildering at

times, quite breath-taking and a sight to behold. Going out into the woodland a

few days after rain and before the really heavy frosts can be a most rewarding

experience, just to enjoy the sheer diversity of fungi there. For the chance of

seeing a good range of species it is best to be in mixed woodland of broadleaved

trees and conifers."

To find out about Andy's regular Foray's visit the website:

Fungi finders


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