a cure for diabetes

With a recent news

item reported

across the

press in early

November I had texts, emails and calls

from friends and family about the news,

and some were a little surprised I was

not more elated. But the fact is that I've

been hearing about cures for the last 40

years. They have yet to become a reality.

We do now have stem cell transplants,

only for very few diabetics, and even that

treatment needs 'top ups', otherwise the

condition returns.

Harvard stem cell researchers

announced earlier this month that they

have made a giant leap forward in the

quest to find a truly effective treatment

for Type 1 diabetes Using human

embryonic stem cells as a starting point,

the scientists were for the first time

able to produce, in the kind of massive

quantities needed for cell transplantation

and pharmaceutical purposes, human

insulin-producing beta cells, equivalent

in most every way to normally functioning

beta cells. If this break-through can be

ramped up, it could mean a cure, but it

needs to get through clinical trials yet, so continued over

while it's a massive break through, you will

have to bide your time for a true cure. This

is a step on the way though.

Doug Melton, Harvard's Xander

University Professor, and his team

announced that they had made a

tremendous gain on the Type 1 diabetes

front. "We are now just one preclinical

step away from the finish line," he said.

"Human stem cell-derived beta cells have

formed islet-like clusters in a mouse. The

cells were transplanted to the kidney

capsule where they were making insulin,

curing the diabetes in the mouse."

I've been told by a diabetes consultant

that curing diabetes in mice is easy. The

going gets tough when clinical trials begin

in humans. Get it right. Get it approved.

So the fact is that this could yet take years

even to get the science right, then it's a

matter of production and dissemination

which will all take time too. In my view, the

Harvard stem cell break through will take

15 years to get down to us diabetics, IF

it ever does.

Smart insulin

Other interesting news is being supported

by JDRF in the form of so-called 'smart

insulins'. While insulin is not a cure, if it

can be manipulated further it can do a

much better job than it currently does

and make life a lot easier for people with

insulin on the outside, not the inside.

Taken once a day, or even once a

week smart insulin would circulate in the

bloodstream turning on when it's needed

and off when it's not. According to its own

website, years ago, where others saw risk,

JDRF saw opportunity and invested in

one of the original ideas for smart insulin.

Today, because of JDRF's vision, a global

pharmaceutical leader is taking this into

human trials and a number of scientists

around the world have responded to

JDRF's call for new approaches to the

smart insulin idea as well.

So much for the intention, but when

can we expect to see a result, and get to

use this new insulin?

Why so long?

So, it's great that all this stuff is going on

and clearly progress is being made. But if

you want to read a little more about why

these undertakings seem to take so very,


"We are now just one preclinical step

away from the finish line," -- Doug

Melton, Harvard stem cell researcher


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