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PieS iN THe Sky

early march was the timing for british Pie

week when camilla stephens, founder

of award winning higgidy (www.higgidy.

co.uk) gave hints and tips for perfect

pastry and shared recipes such as steak

and stout pie (pictured). so, for golden

pastry, try to handle it lightly, using finger

tips or even just a fork, try not to over

work the pastry. too much handling

(working the pastry) will result in tough sesame seeds, caraway seeds -- all well with apples and peaches.”

pastry. keep cool! make sure your hands of which add texture and flavour. Try she also gives some pie tin tips too,

and also the butter/lard are cool. Warmth experimenting with different cheeses to saying: “i like using metallic dishes to

and overworking are the enemies or great enrich the pastry - strong cheeses like bake in. I find that ceramic dishes just

pastry. bake in a hot oven, a cool oven Parmesan and extra mature cheddar don’t result in crispness i want on the

will result in soggy pastry but a hot oven work well. you can even add some pastry. to get an extra crispy bottom to

will give you a golden crisp pastry. mustard for extra oomph. for sweet pies your pastry place your pie tin on a heavy-

she adds, “have fun with pastry try scraping out a vanilla pod and adding duty baking tray. this will also catch any

recipes. i like adding poppy seeds, to a rich flakey pastry, this works really filling which bubbles up during baking.”

there’s just no way around it, ice cream

cool AS ice-creAm isn’t a health food. however, there are

choices out there. some are lower in

sugar, and some are lower in fat.

With half the fat of regular ice-cream

bessant & Drury is a coconut milk based

ice-cream which is dairy and gluten

free. While traditional ice-cream has an

average of 11g of saturated animal fat

per 100g serving, bessant & Drury has

5.1g of the healthiest medium chain

saturated fat, the unique properties of

which means it cannot be stored as

body fat. coconut milk contains essential

vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants that

supply a host of benefits to the human

body, such as supporting tissue healing

and repair, immune system function, is

a protective antioxidant and can relieve

symptoms and reduce health risks

associated with diabetes. the chocolate

Dairyfree coconut milk ice cream 21g of

carbohydrate per 100g and the Vanilla

Dairyfree coconut milk ice cream 23g

carbohydrate per 100g.


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