blood testing and insulin doses

once your own insulin-to-carbohydrate ratios are installed, your

bolus wizard is prepped and ready to advise you based on your

own specific ratios.

having a bought sandwich that says on low readings a few hours after eating.

the packet that the carb content is 44g. one thing you might need to address is

once these two factors are inputted, the your own behaviours – as well as actually

bolus wizard on your pump tells you what using the wizard at all, try not to override

insulin you should give yourself. its advice. your instincts might be telling

you that the advice is wrong – a few years

A touch of magic of diabetes and your sense of what’s right

the bolus wizard will need the occasional is likely to be pretty bang-on. you see the

adjustment as you’re ratios might change advice before you press the buttons to

a bit over time, or – for example -- if you go make the advice an actual insulin delivery

on holiday. one of the great factors with and you can override it if you want to.

bolus wizards is that all your data gets occasionally overriding the advice is no

stored and you can start looking at it and big deal, but if you’re doing it all the time

better understand your diabetes. With the then what that is really showing you is that

newer meters, the data is available on the your ratios are not set up correctly.

screen – some even display it in colour.

given time, you’ll start to see if your A question of trust

personal wizard settings are properly in if you’re already on multiple daily injections

tune with your body. your settings are (mDi) and carb-counting then you’re

wrong if you follow the advice of the nearly there any way. the bolus wizard

wizard but then have patterns of high or should just be taking away some of the continued over


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