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a chinese research study of diabetes over a five-year period. The patients were APPlicATioN

patients with coronary heart disease randomly assigned either the sulfonylurea

Diabetes uk has launched an android

concluded that metformin is more glipizide (30 mg daily) or metformin (1.5

version of its award-winning Diabetes

effective than glipizide in reducing the risk g daily) for three years, according to

tracker app. Designed by experts,

of major cardiovascular events, such as Diabetes health staff. researchers said

including people with diabetes, can help

stroke and heart attack. that this was the first known head-to-

with your self-management allowing your

researchers at the shanghai Jiao head comparison of the two drugs’ ability

to log and track a range of data, like blood

tong university school of medicine to affect the incidence of cardio-vascular

glucose levels, insulin and carbs. you can

studied 304 patients, ages 36 to 80, events. one explanation for metformin’s

share with your healthcare professionals

superior performance may be that it has

if you wish. With use and over time it can

anti-atherosclerotic properties-the ability

let you see your results over weeks and

to help blood vessels resist the hardening


associated with diabetic inflammation.

the iPhone

version of the

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app appeared

in september

2011 and been


White men living in poorer areas are the are so many unnecessary amputations. nearly 30,000

group with the highest risk of diabetes- naomi holman, the yorkshire and times. as well

related amputation, according to a new humber Public health observatory as a number of

study, carried out by researchers across researcher who led the study, says about small improvements,

the uk which looked at data from 1.8 the research: “it is important that everyone the android version

million people with diabetes in the national with diabetes takes good care of their introduces new features, in response to

Diabetes audit. it found that being male; feet. While we do not fully understand user demand. you can now export your

living in poorer areas; and being white why white men living in poorer areas saved data in comma-separated value

were all associated with a higher risk of have a higher risk of diabetes-related (csV) format in a spreadsheet, and send

lower limb amputation. amputation, our findings suggest that by email. as part of the app, a healthcare

too often, people will only see a efforts to reduce amputations should essentials checklist lets you keep track

healthcare professional about their feet focus particularly on this group.” of the checks and standards you should

once it is already too late. up to 80 per the Diabetes uk campaign, Putting receive and you can record when these

cent of diabetes-related amputations feet first, aims to reduce diabetes-related checks have been made, and set

are thought to be preventable and foot amputations by half over five years. As well reminders for future checks. these new

problems not being treated quickly as raising awareness among people with features have also been incorporated in

enough is one of the main reasons there diabetes of the importance of good foot care. an updated version of the iPhone app

and will be available as soon.


Just 13% of women who have had gestational diabetes receive the right care after

giving birth, leaving them at risk of developing type 2 diabetes, according to a study

by researchers from the university of surrey, which used data on nearly 800 women

concerns with gestational diabetes from gP practices across england. it found that only 102

(13%) of these women were recorded as having received one or more blood glucose

tests following the delivery, as recommended by national guidelines. gestational diabetes

affects around 3.5% of pregnancies in england and Wales.


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