blood test meters with bolus wizards

meters With magic insiDe

the accu-chek the freestyle insulinx* has

expert* (pictured an icon-driven touch-screen.

left) has on- you press the relevant icon

board ‘advisor’ to get into that part of the set

to help you judge up. there is an onboard bolus

the correct insulin calculator. one button acts as

dose. it also has a the home button. the name

great colour screen. InsuLinx (pictured right) reflects

test your blood, that the meter is about linking The Sorcerer’s Apprentices

enter your carbs and tests to insulin. A little figure of While not having full bolus wizards on

the system will give you ad- a man on the screen shows if board, other meters offer most of this

functionality with items such as pattern

vice on your dose (bolus). gain you have any active insulin still

identifiers. Sanofi’s iGBStar, Lifescan’s

greater confidence in how to in your system and it will warn

Verio iQ and the contour next usb all

use your blood glucose results you if you’re ‘insulin stacking’ offer the opportunity to log blood test

to achieve the kind of blood (popping in a bit more insulin if results, carbs eaten and insulin doses

test results you want to see, your numbers are high – which given then look back over your logs of

and avoid hypos in the process. can lead to a hypo. results to see patterns and trends.

* Due to the fact that these meters need to be set up around your own individual needs, such as your insulin-to-carbohy-

drate ratios, you need to approach your healthcare professional about getting hold of one!


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