The use of bolus wizards in diabetes control


mental arithmetic that you may by now be

very used to using. and you won’t forget

it either. a wizard should take a little bit

of the guesswork out of the situation,

but you will do well to trust your instincts

sometimes. treat your bolus wizard as

an advisor, but if you need to overrule it

then do so. your own brain knows you

and your diabetes better, but remember

that you’re likely to underestimate carbs

and underestimate insulin doses – it’s a

natural way that our subconscious stops

us having hypos. but often you’ll look

back and realise that your bolus wizard

will have been right if you’d just followed

its advice.

the main thing is to get the insulin:carb

ratio right. bear in mind, though, that

factors can affect this ratio – hormones,

how recently you have been (or will be)

active, and even things like the change of

seasons. When your insulin: carb ratios

are correct, then your bolus wizard should

work well for you so sit back and relax

and let it work a bit of magic for you.

Where to find wizards:

all insulin pumps come with

bolus wizards on board.

Some more modern meters

hoW to assess

your insulin-to-carb ratios

now also include them

(see opposite). You do need to get some

advice on this if you’ve not

done it before, so call your

diabetes specialist nurse

for advice. For some great

back-ground reading, see

this brochure from Diabetes

in Scotland which includes

what they call your ICR

(insulin-to-carb ratio).



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