diabetic diet




Holistic Health Practitioner and former sparkling White cabbage can be

Personal trainer Laurie Lathom-sharp used as a side dish, condiment or simple

has launched Laurie’s tummy Loving ingredient to add a flavourful zing and crisp

foods, to provide great tasting, natural texture to any meal. it is great when mixed

foods which specifically support good in with salads or soups, put into a sandwich

digestion and intestinal health. or served with barbecued meats and fish.

His sparkling White cabbage is raw, by reintroducing certain traditional

organic and naturally fermented cabbage. foods into our diet we can start to repair &

available online via goodness Direct rejuvenate our digestive system, improving

(www.goodnessdirect.co.uk) at £2.89 our overall levels of health & vitality.

for a 310g pack, such raw, fermented for thousands of years, many cultures

vegetables help support good digestion throughout the world have understood this,

and intestinal health as they are an enjoying the health benefits, great tastes

excellent source of beneficial bacteria and & textures which certain traditional foods

essential vitamins, minerals and enzymes. provide.

(raw means it has not been cooked or www.lauriesfoods.co.uk

pasteurised as heating fermented foods

destroys most of their nutritional and

health properties while altering what

should be a fresh taste & crisp texture.)


the soulful food company has been travelling up and down the country

keeping busy, hungry people happy with their tasty and wholesome street

food since 1999. they specialise in hearty, satisfying stews cooked by

hand using ancient unprocessed ingredients (such as black barley, spelt

and kelp noodles) with free-range 100% british meats. now they have

bundled up their good-mood food into handy grab-and-go tubs for

everyone to experience. choose from british Pulled beef chilli which

features black barley, or british

Pulled Pork stew with british

chorizo. there’s a moroccan

chicken tagine made with

organic british spelt and a

thai green chicken curry

which uses kelp noodles.

there’s also a butternut, Lentil

& spinach hotpot which has

been delighting festival-goers

for years. available for £3.70

(350g) from 17th July from

ocado. www.soulfulfood.com


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