Watercress and diabetes


a true super food, with years of

research to back up its claims, watercress

is a good source of vitamins a and c,

antioxidants, iron, calcium, folic acid and

phytochemicals which in turn are essential

for shiny hair, strong bones, clear skin,

and a healthy immune system.

Dr steve rothwell (the steve in steve’s

Leaves), says: “adding a handful of leaves

to a salad is another boost and a bowl of

watercress soup is much more satisfying

than a vitamin tablet. it’s no surprise that

watercress is one of the oldest known leaf

vegetables to be consumed by humans,

so our forebears certainly knew what was

naturally good for them to eat.”

the steve’s Leaves range is available

from selected Waitrose, online at ocado

and all good foodie outlets.


“Stuffing watercress

between two slices

of buttered bread

is the simplest

way of adding an

impressive list

of vitamins and

minerals to your


lunch box,”

Mash together a washed bunch of watercress leaves, a handful of pine nuts

– Dr Steve Rothwell and a clove or garlic with a few slugs of olive oil, some lemon juice and a small

handful of parmesan and serve on toasted bread.


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