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contour usb

the strip. blood tests also operate on


Preventing interference Just cLick tHe Pic

a very small (2µl) blood sample, taking bayer’s contour next test strips (below) use

10 seconds before being shown on a

for a cHance to

faD-gDH technology and have a built-in Win one!

large, easy-to-read LcD screen. the test correction electrode to protect against

range measured is 1.1 – 33.3 mmol / L interference from common substances.

with coding done via a chip. the meter tested with more than 30 common interfering

features uses a series automatic system substances (such as paracetamol, Vitamin

checks including one for temperature c, maltose, galactose, oxygen) and shown

correction. to demonstrate consistent accuracy. they

have also tested for uric acid which can be

elevated in the blood due to as far-ranging

things as obesity, uncontrolled hypertension,

insulin resistance, gout, excessive exercise

and pre-eclampsia. uric acid levels can affect

blood glucose meter accuracy but bayer’s

contour next meters automatically correct for

uric acid up to a concentration of 3.5mmol/L.

they also have a built-in correction electrode

that automatically measures and corrects

for haematocrit in the range 0-70%, which

reduces the risk of error.

Wave theory

Wavesense is an alternative technology in blood glucose meter testing. there is no

coding involved and one version of the meter is wireless. Wavesense is the name of the

Smart practice brand, but the meters are called Jazz and Jazz Wireless. the patented technology used

the Verio iQ blood test meter needs no

in the meters is called Wavesense Dynamic electrochemistry. What it is designed to do

code and takes only 5 seconds to test

is address how everyday events and conditions can cause a meter to distort the result,

with a glucose range of 1.1 mmol/L – 33.3

so environmental variations (such as temperature, altitude or humidity) that can affect

mmol/L, an haematocrit range of 20% –

the reading are minimized. the meters send electrical signals to the test strip to identify

60% within a temperature testing range

common sources of error then uses advanced algorithms to detect and correct these

of 6-44°c and humidity range of 10%

errors to provide the most accurate results. the meters come with Zero-click blood

– 90% (non-condensing). smartscan

glucose results management software.

technology scans the reaction chamber

500 times over a three-phase application

of voltage. the reversed polarity

of the third phase enables

a comparison

to be made that accounts

for variations in haematocrit

and corrects for common

interfering substances that

are present in a blood sample.

the images show how this

works…. and note that these

sensors (right) even use a tiny

bit of gold in them. class!


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