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Her royal Highness the Duchess of

rothesay met world-leading researchers

at a Dundee Hospital who are pushing

back the boundaries of knowledge on

type 1 diabetes. she visited the clinical

research centre at ninewells Hospital,

Dundee, as President of JDrf, the type 1

diabetes charity. there she met Professor

rory mccrimmon, clinical reader for

Division of cardiovascular and Diabetes

medicine, and his team including Dr

Priya george, on their research into

hypoglycaemia. Professor mccrimmon,

who has been actively engaged in type

1 diabetes research for nearly 20 years,

said: “my hope is that through increasing

our understanding of why hypoglycaemia

unawareness develops, we will be able to

develop strategies to treat or prevent it in Darcey McDonald, who lives with type 1 diabetes, hands a bouquet of flowers

future. We have made good progress and to the Duchess of rothesay as she arrives for the visit at Dundee Hospital.

we are grateful to JDRF for its support.

JDrf’s chief executive karen addington (red dress) looks on.


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